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Risk Management

The importance of risk management can hardly be overstated. Awareness of risk has increased as we currently live in a less stable economic and political environment. The purpose of this risk management training course is to provide managers with a solid understanding of business risk and how to manage it.
This risk management training course looks at risk from different perspectives and analyses the possibilities for managing it in each situation. It focuses primarily on operational, project, and reputation risk management.

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  • المواضيع
  • Chapter 1
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 The benefits of effective risk management
    1.3 What is a risk?
    1.4 It’s never happened/will never happen to us
    1.5 Me, a risk manager?
    1.6 The balanced view
    1.7 Risk management has its uses
    1.8 The risk management process
    Chapter 2
    2.1 Identifying the risks – where do I start?
    2.2 Identifying the risks – how do I go about it?
    Chapter 3
    3.1 Quantifying our risks - likelihood and impact
    3.2 Assessing and rating our risks
    3.3 The risk matrix
    3.4 Significant risks
    Chapter 4
    4.1 Addressing our risks
    4.2 Risk response options
    4.3 Identifying countermeasures
    Chapter 5
    5.1 Implementing countermeasures
    5.2 Residual risk
    5.3 The risk register
    Chapter 6
    6.1 Monitoring and reviewing
    6.2 Joining it all up
    6.3 Risk appetite
    6.4 A culture of risk awareness
    Chapter 7
    7.1 Where do we go from here?
    7.2 Conclusion

  • المتطلبات الأساسية
  • No special prerequisites applied.

  • جمهور
  • Designed for experienced professionals with a minimum of 5 years full-time postbaccalaureate work experience

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  • Change management

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