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Software Configuration Management

Most software projects miss deadlines, exceed budgets, and result in poor-quality products. One reason for this is poor management of the changes that are identified and incorporated throughout a software project. Software configuration management (SCM) is a disciplined approach for change management that is applied all through a software project to implement changes without adversely impacting the quality.

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  • المواضيع
  • • An Overview to Software Configuration Management
    o The Relevance of SCM
    o Basic Concepts of SCM
    o The SCM Process
    o Planning for SCM in a Project
    • The Tasks in the SCM Process
    o Configuration Identification
    o Change Control
    o Version Control
    o Configuration Auditing
    o Reporting

  • المتطلبات الأساسية
  • Configuration controller, Team Leader, Developer, Testers.

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  • قيمة التدريب
  • This course will enable you to:

    • Explain the importance of software configuration management (SCM), the SCM process, and how to plan for SCM.
    • Understand the tasks in the software configuration (SCM) process, so that they can be planned for in a software project.

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  • 16 ساعه

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16 Hour تسجيل الإلتحاق بدورة تدريبية