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Software Project Management “PM”

Software project management is different than handling and managing projects that deal with manufacturing, production, or business. Learn about the different types of software projects and learn how to deal the challenges that each of these types of projects poses in front of a project manager.

  • نوع التدريب
  • محاضرات تدريبية

  • المواضيع
  • 1- How to Initiate a Project
    2- Project Planning
    3- Project Estimation (Effort, and Cost)
    4- Project Scheduling & WBS
    5- Resource Allocation and Utilization
    6- How to identify and Manage Project Scope
    7- Change Management & Impact Analysis
    8- Identify and Manage the Projects' Stakeholders
    9- Project Monitoring & Control
    10- Status Reporting
    11- Risk Prediction and Prevention
    12- Risk Identification and Management
    13- Issue Management
    14- Agile Projects Management
    15- Manage & Control the Product Quality
    16- Project Closure
    17- Project Management Tools
    18- How to manage Multiple Projects
    19- Essential Interpersonal Skills for Project Managers

  • المتطلبات الأساسية
  • 1- Preferred to have Software Engineering Background
    2- Familiarity with Software Development Life Cycle would be beneficial
    3- Basic understanding or experience in management would be beneficial

  • جمهور
  •  Project Coordinators.
     Project Managers who are looking to improve their technical expertise and upgrade their knowledge.
     Software Development Leads.
     Software Testing Leads.
     Software Quality Assurance Engineers.
     Software Analysts.
     Individuals who are interested to work as Software Project Managers.
     Individuals Seeking PMP Certificate.

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  • قيمة التدريب
  • This course will also help you to realize your role as a software project manager by understanding the different concepts, tools and techniques, and the methodologies of software project management. After completing this course, you will being familiar with:

     Different processes, concepts and techniques of software project management from project initiation till closure.
     How to apply specific tools, models and processes.
     How to Adjust your PM processes, your management style to reflect the most suitable software development life cycle (SDLC) in the different projects phases (Definition, Planning, Execution and Closing Phase).
     The most important interpersonal skills needed to manage heterogeneous and virtual teams.

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  • 80 ساعة

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