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Time & Stress Management

Managing yourself:

• Setting SMART goal.
• Prioritizing your Time.
• Analyze your current use of time.
• Tackling Procrastination.

Managing your work environment:

• Organizing your Work space.
• Meeting Management.
• Alternatives to Meetings.
• Delegating Made Easy.

Crisis Management.

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  • • Fresh Graduate
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    • Junior level
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  • After attend this course you will be aware of:

    o How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals.
    o Priorities effectively.
    o Categories tasks using the Urgent/Important Matrix.
    o Gain lasting skills to tackle procrastination.
    o Handle high pressure, crisis situations with ease.
    o Learn to organize the works pace for efficiency and productivity.
    o Set daily rituals for better productivity.

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  • 16 ساعه

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