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Who We Are?

Arab Calibers (www.arabcalibers.com) is a consummate company in the contemporary consultancy, training, staffing, and professional services arena. The company has established in 2017 as an Egyptian shareholding company by a group of experts who are working in the software industry since more than 25 years.
The company provides a set of services that are designed for both companies and individuals with the aim of:

  • Building a new generation of Arab calibers with a set of technical and ethical skills that are in-line with the corporates’ needs though unique training programs.
  • Providing organizations with the best services that enable them to achieve their objectives, increase productivity, reduce effort, and thus increase profitability through a variety of:
    • Consulting Services.
    • Training and Workshops.
    • Recruitment and outsourcing.
    • IT Professional Services.

Our Services are governed by an outstanding and professional system to ensure the effectiveness, productivity, and continuous development.

Our Values

We strive to adhere to a set of high ethical principles which are embedded in the following values:
. Commitment
. Accuracy
. Agility
. Excellence
. Innovation
. Effectiveness
. Transparency

Our Mission

. Lead our clients forward to increase the quality, efficiency, and level of Innovation to improve their global competitiveness and achieve their visions.
. Work closely with our clients to deliver tangible outputs.
. Deliver the best Calibers that really make a difference in business to assist the organizations in achieving their goals faster and more efficiently.
. Provide innovative training programs based on both systematic foundations and practical exercises to overcome the gap between the theoretical academic studies and the practical experience needed in the labor markets.
. Build a new generation of specialists and calibers able to build and develop their career in the appropriate manner based on their capabilities and the market needs.

Our Vision

“We believe that the client’s success is our success”
Therefore, we aim to lead the way by offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to assist organizations to grow. Our vision at Arab Calibers is to become one of the leading organizations in the fields of training, consultancy, recruitment, and professional services providers in the Software and IT sectors in the Middle East within five years by developing and enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations through offering unique and innovative business models. This will be achieved, God willing, by working to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and establish a successful and continuous relationship with our customers.