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The purpose of the COBIT® 5 Foundation course is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the COBIT 5 guidance to be able to understand the enterprise Governance and Management of Enterprise IT, create awareness with their business executives and senior IT Management; assess the current state of their enterprise IT with the objective of scoping what aspects of COBIT 5 would be appropriate to implement.

  • Training Type
  • Training

  • Topics
  • • Lesson 1: Why COBIT? - IT Governance and Management Challenges
    o Key Challenges of Using IT
    o Difference between Governance and Management
    o Key Stakeholders & their Roles and Responsibilities
    o Benefits of IT Governance
    • Lesson 2: COBIT 5 Framework and Principles
    o COBIT 5 Framework
    o COBIT 5 Principles
    • Lesson 3: COBIT 5: Meeting Stakeholder Needs
    o Internal Stakeholders Questions
    o Stakeholders Questions
    o Goals Cascade
    o Implementation Guidance
    • Lesson 4: COBIT 5 Enablers • Processes
    o Reference Model
    o Frameworks, Principles and Policies
    o Organizational Structures
    o People, Skills and Competencies
    o Culture, Ethics and Behavior
    o Services, Infrastructure and Applications
    o Information
    • Lesson 5: Introduction to COBIT 5 – Enabling Processes
    o COBIT 5 Process Components
    o COBIT 5 Process Domains
    • Lesson 6: COBIT 5 Processes
    • The Management Domains
    o EDM Processes
    • The Management Domains
    o Align, Plan and Organize
    o Build, Acquire and Implement
    o Deliver Services and Support
    o Monitor, Evaluate and Assess
    o Processes for Governance of Enterprise IT
    • Lesson 7: COBIT 5: Process Capability Assessments
    o Why Capability Assessments?
    o The New ISO/IEC 15504 Process Capability Assessment Approach

    • Lesson 8: Apply the COBIT 4 CMM Approach Using COBIT 5 (optional)
    o Applying the COBIT 4 Maturity Model Approach with COBIT 5

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no formal prerequisites. However, it is recommended that you have experience in the IT governance domain.

  • Audience
  • Business Management, Chief Executives, IT/IS Auditors, Internal Auditors, Information Security and IT Practitioners, Consultants, IT/IS Management looking to gain an insight into the Enterprise Governance of IT and looking to be certified as a COBIT Implementer or Assessor.

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  • Value of Training
  • Training Hours
  • 40 Hours

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