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Developing Mobile Applications with iOS

In this course, we present Apple’s approach to mobile app design and development, as reflected in the design of the iOS platform, the Model View-Controller (MVC) and iOS’s various high and low-level frameworks. Objective-C, the native programming language for iOS, is exposed and explained step-by-step. trainees will be introduced to the Xcode integrated development environment, extensively using it to develop several applications from scratch. From our experience, learning iOS is best accomplished by doing. Accordingly, the course includes extensive individual lab work.

  • Training Type
  • Training

  • Topics
  • • iOS Development Essentials: Creating an iOS App
    • Using Outlets, Actions, and Views
    • Using ViewControllers
    • Using Application Templates
    • Working with the iOS Keyboard
    • Working with Different iOS Devices: iPhone and iPad
    • Using TableViews
    • Supporting iOS Screen Rotations: Portrait & Landscape Modes
    • Persisting Data with Files
    • Working with Databases
    • Using Animations and Video within iOS
    • Accessing integrated iOS Apps
    • Using WebServices within an iOS app
    • Working with iOS Maps and Location Services
    • Connecting iOS with iCloud
    • Working with the iOS Accelerometer

  • Pre-requisites
  • • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming.

  • Audience
  • • This course is intended for Developers and architects who will be developing applications for iOS devices.

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  • Value of Training
  • • Produce apps for iOS platform devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).
    • Gain a basic understanding of computer architecture and object-oriented programming.
    • Develop a working knowledge of Apple’s Xcode app development tool.
    • Understand mobile design principles.

  • Training Hours
  • 40 Hours

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