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ERP Business Concepts

This course provides an understanding of ERP solution that is widely used by industries to manage
companies’ resources. All key modules in an ERP system will be introduced in the course. Participants
are given a broad-based understanding of how basic business processes such as sales and
procurement management are represented within an ERP solution and how they are integrated
within the ERP solution.

  • Training Type
  • Training

  • Topics
  • ERP Overview:
     What is ERP?
     What does an ERP system do?
     Evolution of ERP systems.
     ERP benefits.
     ERP Challenges.

    ERP Components:
     Financials.
     Human Resources.
    Sales and Distribution.
     Manufacturing.
     Materials Management.
     Logistics.
     Reporting.

    EPR Selection:
     Who are the main ERP vendors?
     Trends in ERP deployment.
     ERP Vendors and Industries They Serve.
     Revenue and Profits of Applying ERP.
     BPR – ERP Relationship.
     An ERP Example.
     ERP-CRM-SCM-MRP relationship.

    ERP implementation:
     ERP System Implementation.
     Case Study: Hands-on with ERP System on End-to-End Process.
     Key factors for successful implementation.

  • Pre-requisites
  • Trainers with a good Knowledge in software and Business are preferred.

  • Audience
  • This course is targeted at manager's supervisors and specialists in sales, finance, human
    resources, production, logistics and quality departments.

  • Related Courses
  • Value of Training
  • After completing this course, trainees will have a thorough understanding of:

     Definition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: origins, evolution, current trends
    such as Cloud ERP, and overview of functionality.
     How an ERP system can benefit companies.
     Planning ERP deployment: impact on the team and the organization.
     Planning and carrying out the selection process for an ERP system, according to identified
     Overview and comparison of the main commercial and open source ERP packages available
    on the market.
     Estimating costs and negotiating contracts for the software and the deployment project.
     Planning and carrying out the corporate implementation and deployment of ERP systems.

  • Training Hours
  • 24 Hours

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