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ODOO Implementation

Odoo is one of the first All-In-One solutions, which is affordable & still easy to use. The best thing: It
can be tailored to meet all company´s needs.

The purpose in this course is to enable trainees, partners and clients to understand how Odoo works
in his different modules and being able to explain it to third parties.

The objectives of this training is to provide the course audience with a knowledge base to perform
their activities. The majority of the time in the training will be spent learning the different interaction
between Odoo apps.

  • Training Type
  • Training

  • Topics
  • Module 1 Overview
     What is Odoo
     Setup an Odoo 11 Community Version
     Odoo Editions and Pricing

    Module 2 Odoo Installation
     Install Odoo on Window

    Module 3: Sales Management
     Install Sales App
     Sales Order Workflow
     Create Customer
     Create a Product
     Setup Company Information
     Create a Sales Order
    Module 3: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
     Install CRM Apps
     CRM Workflow
     Create a Salesperson
     Create a Lead
     Create an Opportunity
     Customize Sales Pipeline
     Create Sales Team
     Schedule Meeting and Calls

    Module 4 Purchasing
     Install Purchasing Apps
     Purchasing Workflow
     Create a Procurement
    Create a RFQ
     Purchase Configuration

    Module 5 Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
     Install MRP Apps
     Manufacturing Workflow
     Create a Manufacturing Order
     Configure MRP

    Module 6 Accounting & Finance
     Install Accounting Apps
     Charts of Accounts
     Journal Entries
     Create a new Tax
     Legal Reports
     Configure Account

    Module 7 Odoo Administration
     Administer Users
     General Setting & Company Info

    Module 8 Human Resource Management (HRM)
     Employee Directory
     Timesheets
     Leave Management
     Recruitment Process
     Expenses

    Module 9 Project Management
     Install Project Management Apps
     Create a New Project
     Create Custom Column
     Create a New Task
     Different Views of a Project

    Module 10 Website
     Install Website Builder Apps
     Create a website
     SEO

    Module 11 e-Commerce
     Install e-Commerce Apps
     Create a new product
     Configure e-Commerce
     Setup Product Variant

    Module 12 Marketing

    Module 13 Point of Sales
     Install Point of Sales Apps
    Start a new POS session
     POS Workflow
     POSBOX Setup

  • Pre-requisites
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Concepts
     Basic knowledge of Software

  • Audience
  • Companies, who already use odoo and need cost-effective.

     Fast growing startups, who are searching for a new way to organize their increasing complex
    daily business.
     Small or middle-sized corporations, who became too big and complex to stick with the digital
    structure, they once started with.
     Technical -agencies, that consider to offer odoo installations, customization and support to their

  • Related Courses
  • Value of Training
  • At the end of this training, you will have been provided with an overview of the major functionalities within Odoo Business App.

  • Training Hours
  • 40 Hours

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