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Front End Web Development Diploma

The front end of a website is the part that users interact with. Everything that you see when you’re
navigating around the Internet, from fonts and colors to drop down menus and sliders, is a combo of
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being developed by the front end developer.

In addition to theory based learning, the Diploma also focuses on practical applications by covering
multiple projects in great detail, helping you learn with hands-on experience.

  • Training Type
  • Diploma

  • Topics
  • Let’s look at the different technologies and frameworks that you will learn:

    1- Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS (24 Hours).
    2- Bootstrap (12 Hours).
    3- JavaScript- JQuery - Ajax (24 Hours).
    4- VUE JS Course (24 Hours).

  • Pre-requisites
  • This Diploma is designed for trainees who wants to work in comprehensive development
    environment that has a front-end and design capability.

  • Audience
  • Students who want to code and create the visual front-end elements of a software, application or website. He or she creates computing components/features that are directly view able and accessible by the end user or client.

  • Related Courses
  • Value of Training
  • By the end of our course you will be a front end developer who can produce HMTL, CSS, Bootstrap.
    Frontend –JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, VUE JS for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

  • Training Hours
  • 84 Hours

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