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Python Essentials

Python is a programming language that is becoming more popular today, it can be used for everything from
web development to scientific applications.

  • Training Type
  • Training

  • Topics
  •  Python Fundamentals
    o Why Python
    o Scripting Languages VS Compiled Languages
    o Python Versions
    o Installing and Configuring Python
    o Using Python Interpreter
    o Running First Python Script

     Basic Python Syntax
    o Using Variables
    o Working with Strings
    o String Operators
    o Math Operators
    o Getting Input from User
    o Printing Output to Screen
    o Command Line Parameters

     Flow Control
    o Code Indentation
    o The if and Elif statements
    o Using while loops
    o Using for loops
    o Using lists
    o The range() function

     Functions
    o Defining a Function
    o Function Parameters
    o Global Variables VS Local Variables
    o Passing Parameters
    o Value Returning

     Data Structures
    o Working with Arrays
    o Strings as lists
    o Tuples
    o Sets
    o Dictionaries
    o The sorted() function
    o Alternate keys
    o Multiple keys
    o Lambda functions

  • Pre-requisites
  • Programming experience would be beneficial.

  • Audience
  • Developers who have experience with other programming languages and interested in learning
    basic concepts of python programming language.

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  • Value of Training
  • The objective of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of Python that are necessary to build diverse
    applications, after completing this course, you will be able to:

     Deal with different variables and operators.
     Deal with python data types.
     Run your first python program.

  • Training Hours
  • 40 Hours

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