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Software Automation Testing

The Automation Testing Course is taught in a hands-on manner to train participants in practical techniques for writing software test automation using environments such as Selenium Web-Driver. The objective is to help the participants develop the skills necessary to perform all activities related to software test automation; and to help the student gain better understanding of the broad range of test tools and techniques in test automation development.

  • Training Type
  • Training

  • Topics
  • Overview of Automation Testing
    Java Essentials
    Selenium Introduction
    OOPs concepts and Core Java Introduction
    Selenium IDE and RC Introduction
    Selenium WebDriver
    Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE, Chrome
    HtmlUnitDriver, Headless Drivers
    Identifying WebElements using id, name, link text
    Testing Framework and Tools
    Develop Data Driven Framework

  • Pre-requisites
  • Have knowledge/experience in manual software and have exposure to a computer programming language.

  • Audience
  • Software Manual Testing Engineer.

  • Related Courses
  • Value of Training
  • * Understand the purpose of test automation:

    1- Identify the technical success factors of a test automation project.
    2- Identify the test automation requirements for the Software Under Test (SUT).
    3- Evaluate and select the tools for the test automation.
    4- Design for test-ability.
    5- Understand how to create an environment to execute test automation.
    6- Be familiar with Selenium,
    7- Be familiar with data-driven test automation.
    8- Be familiar with creating test automation framework.
    9- Be familiar with test automation maintenance.
    10-Be familiar with test automation reporting and metrics.

  • Training Hours
  • 24 Hours

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